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The State Of The State...

I Just Got Hired At Google!

Oh, the agony of censorship!

Calls to Shut Down Free Speech at Google After Employee Questions PC Monoculture

How Ignorant Of The Left....

Dinesh D’Souza – Terrorism Redefined And Lawlessness Embraced, Insane Liberalism Unleashed In America

Washington Free Beacon's Editor In Chief, Matthew Continetti, Goes On NPR And Attacks President Trump With Leftist Talking Points

NPR hosted a "Conservative" this morning to trash President Trump. Who better to give leftist NPR the story they seek than never-trumper Matthew Continetti. NPR's headline is this: "Trump's Shift On Charlottesville Violence Is Unpresidential, Continetti Says"

When you give the armed, violent, radical, totalitarian communists, anarchists, and punch happy social justice warriors a free pass, you are essentially promoting the violent overthrow of the United States, because this is the ultimate goal of these radical leftists, to destroy America by first destroying her institutions, history and culture. Creating a society with nothing left to love, nothing left to cherish, nothing left to protect, and ultimately no one left to defend her.

Continetti is a frequent contributor on NPR as he is a warmist that supports a carbon tax, was a contributor to the despicable Weekly Standard and has devolved from a principled Palin defending Conservative into an establishment hack in the image of John McCain.

The Beacon's Chariman is Michael Goldfarb, a FORMER JOHN MCCAIN CAMPAIGN SPOKESPERSON. He is also affiliated with the despicable never trump publication The Weekly Standard.

The Washington Free Beacon is "The Swamp", and should not be trusted for conservative news.

My suggestion is to remove any of their links in your browser and never click on any link to goes to their establishment swamp propaganda publication.

It is time to turn our backs to swamp establishment supporting publications like these and simply ignore them.

You Know It's A Dangerous Neighborhood When...

OMG. Detroit Window Sticker..


President Donald Trump let it rip on Tuesday afternoon by boldly contradicting the bogus narrative that has been built around Charlottesville.

Trump met with the presstitutes to discuss his infrastructure plan but was continually hectored over his statement on events in Virginia over the weekend. To the establishment, the POTUS didn’t move quickly enough to condemn the neo-Nazi elements that were present at the “Unite the Right” rally that turned into a violent scrum, largely thanks to leftist agitators and a possible stand down order given to the police.

There was a mad rush to judgment (Russia anyone?) in molding the events to fit an agenda that like pretty much everything else that comes out of the media, is not exactly the way that things happened.

The President quickly tired of the gotcha questions and suggestions that he was sympathetic to Nazis by bringing up the inconvenient facts that there were troublemakers on both sides and – GASP – not every attendee of the rally to protect a Confederate monument was a white supremacist.

Nothing has quite infuriated the anti-Trumpers and their snowflake army as much as saying that there were leftist agitators in Charlottesville who were determined to incite violence in order to shut down the First Amendment rights of....

‘Today, we got our leader back!’ Coulter cheers for ‘Fighting Trump’ … ‘We were Gideon’s army without Gideon’

The Left, the media, and “quisling” Republicans more interested in hollow virtue-signaling than actually getting to the bottom of what happened in Charlottesville over the weekend have appeared to finally wake President Trump up to the utter futility of even trying to please them. Even though he’s denounced racism, David Duke, and the so-called ‘alt-right’ countless times, they still expect the president to deny observable reality and pretend that the only wrongdoing on Saturday came from the alt right.

Which made President Trump’s Tuesday press conference during which he answered questions from reporters for the first time about Charlottesville all the sweeter, because the Trump that showed up for THIS press conference was determined to tell the truth, consequences be damned.

“Do they have any semblance of guilt?” Trump pointedly asked the media of their pet “alt-left” ‘rent-a-mob’ anarchistic protesters – the ones who used bricks, pepper spray, Molotov cocktails, tear gas, and even an improvised flame-thrower to attack...

President Trump Destroys The Radical Leftist Media Narrative On Charlottesville...

The corrupt, leftist media wants to give the totalitarian anti-free speech, totalitarian, leftists, communists, anarchists and black identitarians a free pass.

President Trump is 100 percent correct here!

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